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3D Innovate works for all those involved with development of the next generation.....

 Pre-Primary Program (Pre-Nursery – I)

Bringing Indian languages 

Learning using mother tongue

Sanskrit->Local/Mother tongue, National, Global  language,

“Learning with fun”

Primary Program (II - V)

Functional Literacy

Understanding the concepts

Sanatan Gyan Systems

“Learn to Read and Read to Learn”


Secondary Program (VI - X)

Skills & Professions

Applying the concepts

“Engage-Explore-Collaborative Learning”

This system is a truly integrated educational system where academics is integrated with Sports, Fine arts, and Life skills and attempts to make every student a SCHOLAR ATHLETE ARTIST LEADER (SAAL).

I can

I must

I will

Senior Secondary Program (XI - XI)

Innovation & Enterprise Development

Critical thinking, Maturity

Undergraduate Program

Innovation & Enterprise Development

Turning knowledge into wisdom

To be ready to join a job, knowing industry and its growth in the next 5-10 years

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